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Tacoma, Washington

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The Simpson Tacoma Kraft mill in Tacoma, Washington with Mt. Rainier in the background.

I just want to point out that the following is not a tribute to Chuck Whitt (me), it's just that the pictures that I have all have me in them. I would be especially pleased if Local 237 members would submit some pictures to add to this small collection.


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Former Local 586 President Bob Smith,  Local 237 President Frank Huie (1992-1996), and  Local 237 Vice-President Chuck Whitt (1992-1996) at the 1996 UPIU convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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AFL-CIO President John Sweeney and Local 237 President Chuck Whitt (1996-2004) during Sweeney's visit to the Simpson Tacoma mill during the summer of 1998.  Is this normal for Sweeney to have his eyes closed to the rank and file?

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Standing committee member Wallace Simms and Local 237 President Chuck Whitt (1996-2004)  at the UPIU Region XI conference in Las Vegas, Nevada in March of 1998.   The conference was at the Riviera, and the service was terrible.  Stay away from there!

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The combined 1998 negotiating committees of Locals 237 and 586.   Left to right, the 586 committee, Marty Warren, President Jim Crosby, Rocky Jennings, Tim Handy, Bob Weber, International Rep. Al Lippincott, the 237 committee, Frank Huie (back), Mike Arndt, Chuck Gierke, President Chuck Whitt, Wallace Simms.

January 1996 - President Frank Huie (1992-1996) is being honored by President Chuck Whitt (1996-2004) for his service to the Local. President Whitt is giving President Huie a plaque and a dinner certificate. The dinner certificate was so that Frank could take his wife to dinner to help repay all the sacrifices she made during his time as President.

Verdelle Low is in the background, with Mike Arndt's head gracing the foreground.



January 1996 - President Chuck Whitt (1996-2004) swearing in Vice President (1996-2000) Lenn Richter. Treasurer Mike Cordle (brown jacket) confers with Recording Secretary Bob Summers.