Testimonial to 12-Hour Shifts

This page was last updated on January 05, 2002

Fort James, Wauna, OR

12 hour shifts have worked very well for me.  I've worked most shifts tried in the paper industry, southern swing, days, and 12's, and by far 12's are the best.  I've never been one to like graveyard shift, but with 12's, it seems they're over before they start.  Even if I have trouble sleeping after the first night, I get a lift knowing that I've only got one more night to go, then it's four days off.  I have no trouble adapting after it's over.  This is a wonderful shift. People should try it, then go back to eights for six months just to reinforce how great 12's are.

—Billy Taylor

Yes, I'm on 12's and I love it. It's like having a part time job. The Shipping department at Wauna was very upset with the 12's and voted to go off.   When they did, we made them stay off for at least 6 months. At the end of the time period, they were foaming at the mouth to go back on the 12's. They've been on the 12's for about six years now and the whole department is now in favor of it.

—Larry Reandeau

Georgia-Pacific, Bellingham, WA (25 total comments, 20-for, 5-against, 80%)

This 12 hour shift is like semi retirement with pay. I like it so much I'm trying to convince my wife to have more kids.

—Larry Sperry

I love it! My sleep pattern is alot more normal. I only have one night shift that really makes me tired and then a 4 day weekend.

—Kellie Perram

Like it, works great for me.

—Rich McDougal

It sucks! It seems like you're either working or sleeping.

—Rich Trull

I don't like it because my days off are spent doing many of the honey do's that used to get done between work days.

—Dave Saunders

Like it, the work week is over almost before it's begun. I really enjoy getting four days off in a row. There are disadvantages but they're outweighed by the advantages.

—Lee Hyatt

I think I'm going to like it. The first day and night shifts seem long, but other than that it's great.

—Terry Vanerstrom

I like it much better than the 7 day rotation. Although as a relief I've yet to have 4 days off, even so, I wouldn't want to go back to 7's.

—John Ling (sulfite relief)

I like it 100%. You get more done on your time off like shopping or golfing during the week while everyone else is at work. There is more quality time with my family.

—Don Murdzia

I like it alot! It will get even better once all the scheduling bugs are worked out.

—Tom Ross

It's great because there is only one day per wekk that you have to sleep during the day. Before this I was thinking of going into maintenance, but they have to work 5 days in a row.

—Bob Bailey

I love it. You wouldn't dynamite me away from this shift. If we return to 7 day rotation I'll go off shift.

—Skip Ness

I really like it, because I can get in some overtime and still have a decent weekend. Alot of people said they didn't want it and now don't want to say they're liking it, like my buddy Bob Blair in the steam plant.

—Dave Becker

I don't care for it because my sleep pattern is all messed up. After the last night shift I spend the first of my days off sleeping and the next day I'm pretty well tired also. Maybe in 5 months or so my system will get used to it. If we voted today mine would still be a no for the compressed work week.

—Pete Wingerter

I don't smoke dope and I'm not one either, we'd be nuts to go back to 8 hour shifts.

—Terry Bigford

Oh god I hate it! I can't wait to go back to working 7 days in a row. If you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell you!

—Roy Bogetto

So far I think it's all right. At first I thought "Oh man 12 hours at a time, I'm gonna be beat". But after trying it, it's not that bad. I'm having a little trouble getting my time off due to a shortage of relief's but that's primarily due to my other activities in the mill.

—Jayne Dewitt

I don't like it too much because my wife thinks I have too much time off. She keeps finding things for me to do at home. The next thing you know she'll tell me to get a part time job!!!

—Curt Harvey

I love it Ray. Also my sleep pattern is much improved and I'm not talking about down here. I don't miss the 7 day schedule one bit. Let's vote this in.

—Lou Kooistra

So far so good: the down side is when we're short handed and pull 24's. The balance between busy and slow shifts really feels good. Thanks.


I still do not like the twelve hour shift. My wife says that she feels like a single parent. I'm not available to ferry my kids around to school events, piano lessons, soccer, doctors, etc., my wife has to pick up the slack. Last Saturday I worked thirteen hours and did not get a meal ticket, (daylight savings time) what other sections of the contract doesn't mean what it says? The company hasn't required anyone to work on their day off to my knowledge save WISHA and Safety Beatings, when they do I think there will be heck to pay!

—Dave Updike :(

It's me, the Dennis Rodman of the Pulp Dryer. Well as I can tell about the 12 hour shift. There is a 99.99% liking of the new shift. C-shift likes it.

—Bill Jarratt

Some of us have been advocates of a compressed work week for several years. Now that it's finally a reality, It's even better than I could have imagined. Our union leadership, the bargaining board, and especially Don Patterson, our local president, who went out on a limb for us by going against the grain of mainstream Union mindset, deserve all the credit. We are truly a Democratic Union! Thanks!

—Rick McCafferty

For the first time in 22 years I feel like I have a life. Days off that count for something. When I come back to work after days off I feel really rested. Vacations are now some serious time off. As far as I'm concerned it is the best thing to happen to shift worker's since I started working here.

—Lucian Stacy

As far as I'm concerned - I'm sleeping better - I've had to wake up to an alarm clock only once in just over two months. It seems like a mini - vacation each week, having four days off. It's not that I'm getting more done around the house - but it's the fact I don't have to rush to get things done. I hope also that my family has noticed that my overall mood is better around the house - I'm not always being a grump from the lack of sleep from changing shifts on the seven day rotation.

—Dale Haaland